Orijen Puppy Food – A Puppy’s Dream

February 9, 2014

Dogs are animals those are evolved as hunters. The structure of their teeth, jaws as well as the digestive system classifies them as carnivores and they are adapted to a diet that is meat based and rich in animal proteins as well as fats. Food for adult dogs is quite different from the food that is needed for a puppy. Puppies are small with newly growing teeth. When they are born, they are completely dependent on the mother’s milk. As they grow they need solid food. But solid foods for puppies must be such which can be chewed and digested by them. Puppies are evolved as carnivores and they possess a biological need diet that is rich and varied in fresh whole meat which is to be supplemented with small amounts of vegetables, fruits as well as grasses.

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B000W5P0KI” cloaking=”default” height=”500″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51eRbIe7aIL.jpg” popups=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”333″]ORIJEN is a leading brand of dog food and produce biologically appropriate dry dog food. The puppy foods made by ORIJEN is rich in protein, limited in carbohydrate and grain free. This brand features the inclusion of highest fresh meat and at the same time exclude many of the conventional pet food ingredients like, vegetable proteins and high glycemic cereal grains. ORIJEN also features a variety of meats that include fresh and free turkey and chicken, fresh whole eggs, fresh free range red meats and fresh saltwater as well as freshwater fish.

All of the ingredients are mixed in the ratio 80:20:0 [ 80 percent meat, 20 percent vegetables & fruits, zero grain ]. This brand of puppy food nourishes the puppies as it is actually intended by Mother Nature and results in reaching the peak of health and happiness of your puppy. All puppy foods prepared by this brand has been made by using Canada’s best as well as freshest ingredients in the company’s own kitchens.

Orijen Puppy Food - nutrientsThe ingredients in the Biologically Appropriate Orijen puppy food are as follows:

  • Fresh deboned chicken [20 %]
  • Dehydrated chicken [15 %]
  • Fresh chicken liver [4 %]
  • Fresh whole herring [4 %]
  • Fresh deboned turkey [4 %]
  • Dehydrated turkey [4 %]
  • Fresh turkey liver [3 %]
  • Fresh whole eggs [3 %]
  • Fresh deboned walleye [3 %]
  • Fresh whole salmon [3 %]
  • Fresh chicken heart [3 %]
  • Fresh chicken cartilage [3 %]
  • Dehydrated herring [3 %]
  • Dehydrated salmon [3 %]
  • Chicken liver oil [3 %]
  • Chicken fat [2 %]
  • Vegetables and fruits [20 %] { this includes: red lentils, green peas, green lentils, sun-cured alfalfa, yams, pea fibre, chickpeas, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach greens, carrots, red delicious apple, Bartlett pears, cranberries, blueberries, kelp, liquorice roots, angelica root, fenugreek, marigold flowers, sweet fennel, peppermint leaf, chamomile, dandelion, summer savoury, rosemary and Enterococcus faecium}.

The above list is enough to make it clear how careful and selective ORIJEN is in making the perfect food for the puppies.

ORIJEN use free run chicken and turkey, whole eggs and wild caught fish which are farmed or fished within the company’s own region and thus are delivered fresh to the factory. This ensures that all the animal proteins that are being used are fresh and uncontaminated. They do not need any preservative and are never frozen and thus they are brimming with proteins and fats that are extremely necessary for complete nourishment of your puppy. The limited use of carbohydrate and no use of grains make the food most appropriate for the puppies. Inclusion of healthy regional fruits along with vegetables and botanicals that include sea vegetables, marigold flowers as well as cranberries make the puppy food rich in phytonutrients as B vitamins.


Orijen Puppy Food - A Puppy's Dream

ORIJEN has puppy foods available in a variety of sizes:

Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food 340 g Meat, fruits and  vegetables £3.98
Orijen Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 2.27 kg Meat, fruits and vegetables £20.48
Orijen Puppy Grain-Free Dry Dog Food 6.8 kg Meat, fruits and vegetables £39.98
Orijen Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food 13 kg Meat, fruits and vegetables £69.98


The ORIJEN puppy product line includes two dry dog foods. The basic ingredient design follows the brand’s “biologically appropriate’ high protein concept. The two products are Orijen Puppy [ for all breeds ] and Orijen Large Breed Puppy [ for large breeds ].

The Orijen Puppy for large breeds consists of some extra ingredients like:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D 3
  • Vitamin E
  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Folic acid
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Zinc, iron, copper and manganese proteinate
  • Selenium yeast.

The chicken that is used in the preparation of the puppy food is a quality item. But raw chicken contains 80 % water and most of this moisture is lost during cooking. Thus, after processing the chicken part actually account for a very small part of the total content of the finished product. The chicken meal that is used to make the puppy food is actually a meat concentrate and contains almost 300 % more protein than fresh chicken. Russet potato is an ingredient that is to be found in the Orijen Puppy food for large breeds. When these potatoes are cooked they can be considered to be a gluten free source of easily digestible carbohydrates. The same is applicable for sweet potato, which is also to be found in the puppy food for large breeds.

ORIJEN apply friendly bacteria to the surface of the dry kibble after cooking. These special probiotic bacteria help to enhance the puppy’s immune and digestive system.

The Orijen Puppy food is a grain free kibble that is made by using a good amount of chicken meal as its main source of animal protein. This has helped the brand to earn 4.5 stars and that’s pretty close to 5 stars folks.

[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B00BM56Q7I” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”wide-light” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”176″]Orijen Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food[/easyazon_cta]

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Acana Adult Small Breed Dog Food

January 11, 2014

Are you thinking about what food to get for your beloved companion? Considering most brands use artificial and unsuitable ingredients that is no easy task. Lucky for you Canada-based company ACANA has just what is right, with a combination of the best meats and vegetables of the highest quality it comes out unmatched, ensuring proper nutrition based on what dogs were made to eat in the first place.

Why It Is Important?Acana Adult Small Breed oh yeah

Dog owners everywhere need to understand how important it is for a dog to be ingesting the right nutrients it needs, as this translates into a healthy and happy pet. Think about it, when you keep a diet that adjusts to your particular needs, you feel great and get things done in a better mood in fact, your whole world seems more manageable. Why should this be any different for your dog then?

As true as it may be, it is not always satisfied. The main reason for this comes from the fact that food manufacturers have adapted their production mechanisms to an industrial level, giving higher priority to quantity over quality and thus providing products that lack value and that end up hurting your dog in the long run.

This is where ACANA comes in, by following a strict all-fresh ingredient policy, you can be safe you are choosing the appropriate nourishment for your pet. Unlike the competition, all of the raw ingredients that ACANA uses are provided by local prairie farms, they are never outsourced and this ensures you’re getting preservative-free foods that are never frozen.

These are then steam-cooked with no added water, using their natural juices instead of additives which maintains important qualities that bring great benefits which would have been otherwise lost in side preparations.

Content Description

Adult Small Breed Dog Food

We all know how much dogs love meat and that is because they were made that way, they are carnivores and that should be represented by what they eat, so it makes perfect sense for these products to include 60% meat from free-run Cobb chicken, wild-caught Flounder fish from North Vancouver Island in British Columbia as well as Whole eggs.

The remaining 40% is divided in equal halves between fruits and vegetables and low glycemic Alberta oats, this is because a diet consisting entirely of meats harms the digestive system of canines and fails to provide them with what they need.

The only grain ingredient used are hypoallergenic steel-cut oats meant to decrease fat storage that  comes from the consumption of this particular food group, aside from this, your dog’s toleration to insulin is increased to beneficial levels.

Among the legumes to be found within ACANA Adult Small Breed are red apples, butternut squash, Burbank potatoes and Bartlett pears; all coming from local providers, cultivated in the very best conditions. These contribute to the immune system’s well-being, shielding it from potential threats and diseases.

Nutritional Overview

Protein should come as a main component in nutritional charts in every dog’s food, this is clearly not the exception, and you get a minimum of one third in crude protein, which is more than the majority of competitors so you can be sure you are making the right decision. Carbohydrates are kept at a low to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.


The following chart displays the primary nutritional information for ACANA Adult Small Breed:


Crude protein (min.)


Crude fat (min.)


Crude fiber (max.)


Moisture (max.)


Calcium (min.)

1.7 %

Phosphorus (min.)


Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio


Omega-6 (min.)

LA (min.)



Omega 3 (min.)

EPA (min.)

DHA (min.)




Omega 6: Omega 3 ratio


Glucosamine (min.)

1400 mg/kg

Chondroitin Sulfate (min.)

900 mg/kg

 Acana Adult Small Breed feeding guide

What the Experts Are Saying

Just like all other ACANA line products, Acana Adult Small Breed 6.8 kg is certified by the AAFCO to meet the standards in dog nutrition in every aspect, surpassing expectations and setting the bar high. 

ACANA Adult Small Breed has been praised by dog food reviewers and critics all around the world, receiving the highest ratings and standing out from the crowd.

Next you will find some excerpts of critics from important websites dedicated to this topic:

–      “I enthusiastically recommend this food, it is wonderful and your dog will love it.”- Dog Food Advisor (5 STARS)

–      “ACANA Adult Small Breed (…) contains both good meat and protein from fish, it also packs a good named fat, great sources of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids, along with a limited amount of carbohydrates.” – Dog Food Insider (5 PAWS)

As an award winning brand there is a great amount of information to back up the switch to ACANA.

Where Can You Get It

This might be one of the only faults ACANA Adult Small Breed has got, clients outside North America, the European Union or a few Asian countries might find it hard to get. If you live there though, no problem should come to you in getting your hands on this great product.

Retailers are available all across these areas, from pet stores to supermarkets, where you are sure to get the entire variety of ACANA products. If you rather have it delivered to your doorstep they also offer online ordering and it should arrive in a few business days.

Here are some of the places where you will find it, the prices vary according to each retailer and are represented in their local currency:

–     Amazon

–      Homes Alive Pet Center (Canada) http://www.homesalive.ca

–      Zoo Plus (United Kingdom) http://www.zooplus.co.uk

–      Pet (New Zealand) http://www.pet.co.nz

–      Bark and Fitz http://www.barkandfitz.com


ACANA Adult Small Breed is a great product meant to adapt to your dog’s needs and help it achieve peak health by providing quality nutrition that will show considerable results.

Its components originate from certified farms and are guaranteed freshness and quality, the company promises you will not get an industry product but rather a well-made food, free of any type of conservation agents.

If you are thinking about moving on from your current manufacturer, ACANA Adult Small Breed may be your ideal option.

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Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato

November 3, 2013

Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato is unique and nutritious dog meal from a Canadian company. The foodstuff contains the right ingredients in the right proportions including minerals and vitamins to ensure a balanced diet for your pet. Though available in a dry state, the meal is fresh enough to ensure strong, healthy and happy lifestyle for your dogs. To ensure, proper nourishing, the Canadian-based dog meal is prepared by reliable and knowledgeable experts who have received a lot of awards. The team concentrates on safety and variety while processing the best products that are affordable to all customers. The final products contain nature’s best herbs including grasses, fruits and vegetables. Fresh meat, whole eggs and cage-free Cobb chicken are also added on the mix to ensure high protein concentration.

 Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato bag

Top features of the Product


Provisional of rich foodstuff


The unique dog meal contains lots of high quality ingredients that are not usually available in competing brands. These include; rosemary, lavender, peppermint leaf, sweet fennel, marigold flowers, Angelica root, juniper berries, chicory root, kelp and blueberries. In addition; cranberries, spinach, carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, pears, apples, and pea fiber are included to give the meal a nice taste. Other additives include; herring oil, chicken liver & oil, oat flakes, sun-cured alfalfa, de-boned flounder, peas, steel-cut oats and whole potatoes. To put things in to perspective, the unique mixture provides an “all-in-one” dieting plan for all your dogs.


Right product for consuming Mother Nature’s nutrients


Amazingly, this is the only known dog meal with high quality elements like; eggs, fish, and chicken. They account for 55% of the whole meal. Such substances ensure the right amount of protein that contributes to optimal building of the dogs’ body. A variety of fresh meats are also used to create the meal. Grade ‘A’ rated eggs are collected from local farms after a thorough selection and examination for quality checks. The freshness of the meal is also enhanced by the wild-caught Flounder from North Vancouver’s pristine waters. The Cobb chickens added on the meal are fetched from local cage-free farms; this ensures a non-preservative and toxic-free diet. Freezing is also avoided to keep the ingredients in their natural form.



Acana Chicken & Pear Minerals


Composition of fruits and vegetables


The dog meal contains 25% of highly nutritious vegetables and fruits. These include the well known; Burbank potatoes, butternut squash, Bartlett pears and Red Delicious apples. These are delivered daily from the local farms that are fully owned by Acana. In addition, some fresh fruits and vegetables may be collected from the sun-drenched Okanagan valley. Since this additives are rich in vitamins and mineral, they give the right immune system for your pet. If you want reduce visits to your veterinary, consider using this unique meal as part of your dogs’ meal. Also, remember that diets rich in fruits prevent chronic constipation and diarrhea to dogs.


Carbohydrate, Glycemic and Protein levels


The Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato matches optimum carbohydrates levels with proteins to produce a natural diet of your pets without overdoing it. High Glycemic levels are avoided since they are believed to be the major cause of diabetes and obesity for dogs. Only a small quantity of Glycemic (e.g. steel-cut oats) amounting to 20% are used to prevent increasing the blood sugar of your pets. This is a different case with other meals that you find being sold at your local market or the internet. The final product of the innovative foodstuff reduces the fat levels thus ensuring the right activity levels to your dogs. This is a major benefit because your pets must stay alert all the times.


Other Benefits


Luxuriant Skin Coat


The Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato Dog Food also contains Omega 3 which is very effective in maintaining your dog’s skin and hair coat. Also, Omega 3 boosts the immune system of your dog significantly if maintained as a daily dose to your dogs meal.


Enhancement of metabolism


The highly nutritious ingredients contain botanical and organic sea vegetables. Similarly, peppermint leaf, sun-cured alfalfa, lavender flowers and juniper berries enhance the metabolism system of your pets. The substances simply work by toning and nourishing the digestive system.


Figures don’t lie


Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato is a dry food which provides proper nutrition to your dog and thousands of people are using the product. Thanks to the antioxidants nature of the meal. In fact, most people who use the tasteful meal like doing so to ‘clean’ their dogs’ digestive systems from toxic substances which they might consume all the way. The result is a free, healthy and contented life for all dogs.


Cost and availability


The product is packaged in 5lb, 15lb and 28.6lb bags. On average, you will get the 5lbs for $16.99. Similarly the 15lb and 28.6lb packages go for $34.99 and $58.99 respectively. You can choose the right package depending on your budget, number of dogs, age and size. However, it is more economical to use the 28.6lbs packet. The product is available on the internet and once you place an order with an agent, it is delivered within a few days.


Feeding Guidelines and Procedure


[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B004QVAZ9U” cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31qPFtl4R8L._SL160_.jpg” popups=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”160″]Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato[/easyazon_image]The feeding requirements of yours dog will greatly vary with age, activity levels, environment and breed. You may use a chart which included on the package to get the right quantity. Then, adjust the amount of the food needed according to the weight and age changes of the dog. As part of the meal, it is advisable to include fresh water. The ideal way is feeding your dogs twice daily. It may take a moment before your dogs fully adapt to the meal. Therefore, it is advisable to mix Acana meal with the normal food and then change the ratio as your dogs get used to the new diet. However, most dogs are able to consume 100% of the Acana food on the 7th day.  

 Acana Light and Fit Dog Food serving guide



No costly or third party preservatives are needed with the Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato. However, ensure that the foodstuff is sealed after drawing the meal. Also, keep the packets in a cool dry place probably in an unreachable place to avoid a mess. The food lasts for a longtime if kept in the proper manner. The highly nutritious meal is a 5 star brand that is recommended for all pets irrespective of breed, size or age. In fact, this is the only affordable dog meal with dozens of health benefits.

Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato


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Acana Light and Fit Dog Food

October 14, 2013

The overall health and wellbeing of our dogs is something that all dog owners care about. It is one of our top concerns when selecting the right nutritional product for our dog, so that we can enjoy long and happy lives together with our furry friends. We all know that protein is essential in our dog’s diet; as carnivores, they can hardly be expected to live off of a diet consisting of cheap protein supplements. To ensure the health of our dogs, we need to feed them the diet that Mother Nature intended, meaning high quality ingredients, rich in meat and other natural sources of protein. They weren’t given all of those sharp canine teeth for nothing.

 [easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B002BR9GUU” cloaking=”default” height=”400″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41dLZzmQHRL.jpg” popups=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”376″]

Your dog’s health and wellbeing


With obesity being common issues amongst domesticated pets, with reported cases growing throughout the US, in 2011, 21.4% of dogs were identified as obese, with one of the major contributing factors to this being a poorly maintained diet. As such, Acana Light and Fit dog food is perfect for any dogs that suffer from weight issues. A quick look at the Acana website shows that the food consists of 60% chicken, eggs and fish. Not only this, but all ingredients are sourced locally, meaning that the ingredients that make up Acana Light and Fit never need to be frozen and are free from preservatives, guaranteeing freshness.

 Acana Light and Fit Dog Food serving guide

High in protein, low in carbohydrates


Keeping the carbohydrate levels down in this food is also a distinct advantage. The overfeeding of carbohydrates is listed as one of the major contributing factors towards canine obesity. Unfortunately many dog owners simply don’t know the correct amount of carbohydrates a dog really needs. The problem is that an overabundance of carbohydrates in a dog’s diet can cause a buildup of glycogen, which when combined with a lack of exercise, can cause the weight to pile on, risking diabetes, damage to the bones and joints, heart disease and breathing difficulties. Fortunately with Acana Light and Fit, this no longer needs to be a concern. Another look at the ingredient list shows that it is free from high glycemic grains such as rice and corn, unlike other dog foods that are on the market.


The only concernAcana Light and Fit Dog Food nutrients


The only disadvantage that can be found is that the chicken weight in the product may be misleading. As raw chicken contains up to 80% water, the weight of this ingredient is reduced during cooking, thus making up less of the overall weight of the product. But if this is the only complaint found about this brand, Acana Fit and Light seems to be doing the job for the majority of pet owners and dog food reviewers.




After searching through numerous reviews on this brand, the reviews have been nothing but positive. It seems that when it comes to the health of our pets, owners are willing to pay that little bit more for the best quality that they can find, and while it may be slightly more expensive, Acana Light and Fit certainly offers one of the best balanced diet’s for your furry friends.

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Acana Dog Food Review 2013

September 18, 2013

Acana Dog Food Manufacturer

 Acana Pacifica - Dog Food add

Acana Dog Food is made by Champion Petfoods, a company with an excellent reputation in the pet food industry. It is located in Alberta, Canada, and was founded in 1975. “Acana” is a trademark along with “biologically appropriate”. In this review, Champion Petfoods is simply referred to as “Acana” for easy identification with their products.


A family-owned business, Acana operates its business using fresh produce from accredited farmers. The family know these farmers and they trust them; they know where the produce comes from and what their ingredients contain. This information lends some credibility to Acana’s products, and gives an assurance of the quality of the meats used in them.

Acana Dog Food Ingredients

 [easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”right” asin=”B009LQFEQY” cloaking=”default” height=”200″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31CJVX4FuOL.jpg” popups=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”200″]

Carbohydrates have been shown in research results to be one of the factors causing obesity, diabetes, and other health concerns. Thus fresh meat and limited grains in Acana Dog Food products serve to give pets the right nutrition they need to have a healthy life.


Acana Dog Food products contain as little grains as possible because based on a research made by Acana, it was found that grains generally have a high glycemic index. Limiting grains in Acana Dog Food products ensures that pets will not experience a rapid fluctuation of their blood sugar.


On the issue of grains, Acana uses oats often; these grains based on research results, cause a moderation of the rise and fall of the blood sugar of pets. Thus the Acana Dog Food products give the pets nutrients without incurring some risks in their blood sugar levels. These helpful nutrients consist of B-vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.


The ingredients of the Acana Dog Food contain a large amount of proteins, such as chicken, fish, and eggs, which result in a healthy and nutritious product. Although chicken fat might not sound appetizing it is high in linoleic acid, and omega-6 fatty acid that are essential for life.


The food products are easy for dogs to digest and they supply them a great amount of energy and vitamins. Acana has also formulated food products that are suitable for puppies, growing dogs, and seniors. For dogs that have certain sensitivities and allergies to grains, Acana also makes grain-free product lines of dog food.


 acana dog food -- where to buy

Awards and Certification for Quality

 Acana Dog Food Reviews 2013

Acana products meet AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutritional levels in all life stages of dogs. Accordingly, each of Acana’s products is made of three meats that are fresh and are guaranteed not to contain any preservatives. This formulation is based on the fact that dogs are carnivorous by nature, and as such their natural diet should be mainly meat. 


Locally sourced from Canada, the natural and fresh ingredients of Acana Dog Food are highly rated by those who have analyzed this dog food. It has earned a certification from the Canadian Government for having met every international regulation and standard. Champion Petfoods received manufacturer-of-the-year awards, and also awards for being a leading company in Alberta.

 Acana Dog Food Stores

Acana Dog Food products are sold in 45 countries throughout the world and are not involved in any recent pet food recall, nor are they currently on the FDA recall list. The ingredients are extremely of high quality, and being so you will find the price of Acana Dog Food products a bit high compared to other products in the market.

acana dog food
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Acana Senior Dog Food

August 1, 2013

Acana Senior Dog Food boxYour dog becomes a senior once he or she attains an age of 7 to 10 years, depending upon the breed. As your dog reaches this stage, there are many changes in your dog’s body and hence your dog now has different nutritional requirements.

What should the dog food for your senior dog contain?

The dog food for your senior dog depends on your dog’s body weight. It’s essential that your senior dog should be fed with low calorie food to prolong its life as rate of body metabolism decreases with ageing. The body also stops producing several nutrients that needs to be provided as an outside source. Hence, there are several dog food companies which make special formulations exclusively for senior dog to suit their requirements. One such beautiful discovery is made by Acana for senior dogs.

Why is Acana Senior Dog Food unique?

Acana Senior Dog Food products contain ‘’Biologically Appropriate’’ standards for efficient metabolism of your senior dog. The dog food essentially contain reduced amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, fats and carbohydrate content.

Contents of Acana Senior Dog Food –




1. Meat Source (60%) – Fresh Chicken and Eggs

Contains cage free cobb chicken which assures freshness derived from local Prairie farms. Contains Chicken meal, Deboned chicken, Chicken Fat, Chicken Liver, whole egg and deboned flounder.

2. Fruits and Vegetables (20%) – Pears , Apples , Potatoes, Parsnips , Pumpkin , Squash , Berries , Kelp , Blueberries, Cranberries, Oats , Spinach , Sweet Potato.

Rich source of unique vegetables and fruits fresh from the Prairie farms in appropriate quantity for a Senior dog.

3. Vitamins

Contains several important vitamins like A, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, Choline. These vitamins are required to carry out several reactions in the dog’s body which otherwise the dog doesn’t synthesize on its own.

4. Minerals

Contains Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, Selenium in appropriate quantities for perfect health of your dog.

5. Special Botanical Inclusions – Marigold Flowers, Angelica Root, Juniper Berries, Sweet Fennel, Peppermint leaf, Lavender, Chicory root. These special botanical inclusions help in acquiring a greater immunity as an aged dog’s immunity power diminishes with time – these helps to rejuvenate and maintain those immunity powers. Additionally, it improves the taste.


Upon analysis of nutritional value of Acana Senior Dog food product, it was found that the product contains – Crude Protein (33%) , Crude Fat (14%) , Moisture (10%) , Calcium (1.6%), Phosphorous (1.1%), Omega 6 (2.5%) , Omega 3 (0.7%) , DHA (0.3%). 250ml cup contains 415kcal calories.

Acana Senior Dog food essentially has low carbohydrate contents and all food products are human tested so you can be assured of getting a healthy food product for your dear dog. Get the feel of a nourished skin coat of your dog all through his life.

Acana Senior Dog Food nutrient

Sources to get cheap Acana Senior Dog Food

Acana Senior Dog food can be bought from different retailers, distributors and through online websites. Acana.com gives a wide range of the same. The product is not very common so here are some of the best online websites from where Acana Senior dog food product can be bought:-




$61.62 (for 13 kg)


$56.99 (for 13kg)


$118 (for 13 kg)


$62.62 (for 13kg)


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Acana Dog Food Reviews

July 22, 2013

Some Information On Acana

Acana Dog Food Puppy 

The Acana dog food (Acana for short) is made by a company called Champion Petfoods which is located in Alberta, Canada.  Based on the claim of Champion Petfoods, Acana is available in over 60 countries. Being made in Alberta, Acana is sold in 13 cities there in retail outlets totaling around 30. It is also sold in other regions of Canada, namely: British Columbia, Ontario, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan. Retailers of Acana can also be found in nearby USA, and as far back as Hong Kong and Singapore


Champion Petfoods claims that the Acana is “biologically appropriate”, a term that they had patented. Acana is made with fresh regional ingredients, and contains 40 to 65 percent meat, depending on the specific formula. The Acana formulas are generally in the 28 to 30 percent carbohydrate range, and 9 to 15 percent fresh meats consisting of three ingredients.


Both Acana and its sister brand Orijen are super premium pet foods sold in pet stores and in locations online. Although the quality of the ingredients of both brands is the same, because of some small differences in the mix, Acana is priced lower than Orijen.  Since dogs in their natural habitat eat a diet that contains a lot of meat, Acana is made with this in mind. Thus, such a diet is closely replicated in the formulation of Acana.


Acana Product Lines

 Acana Dog Food Reviews selection

All Acana foods are kibbles comprising the following product lines:


  • Classics with 55-65% meats that include cage-free Cobb chicken, whole eggs and wild-caught flounder, and sun-ripened fruits and vegetables from Okanagan orchards of Canada.


  • Regionals, which are rich in protein, with 60-65% meat, 35-40% fruits and vegetables, and low in carbohydrates and entirely grain-free.


  • Singles, which are the first “biologically appropriate” single source dog food; it includes 45-50% meat with ranch-raised lamb or cage-free duck. They are free of high glycemic grains, such as rice and corn. They also use locally-grown steel-cut oats as a source of hypo-allergenic and low glycemic carbohydrate.


The 9 Acana Classics product brands give you an idea what they are suitable for, as follows:



  • Puppy Small Breed
  • Puppy Large Breed
  • Chicken & Burbank Potato
  • Sport Agility
  • Light & Fit
  • Puppy & Junior
  • Adult Small Breed
  • Adult Large Breed
  • Senior Dog


Acana Grain-Free Dry Dog FoodThe 4 Acana Regionals for dogs are as follows:


  • Wild Prairie
  • Grasslands
  • Pacifica
  • Ranchlands


The 2 Acana Singles for dogs are as follows:


  • Duck & Bartlett Pear
  • Lamb & Okanagan Apple


The manufacturing process and the ingredients used in Acana make it a premium kibble. However, it comes only a close second to its sister brand Orijen. But for dogs with a weak or damaged digestive system, Acana may make a good alternative to Orijen, because it has a little less meat protein. Acana has also a different variety of fruits, vegetables and botanicals that make it a little easier for certain dogs to digest.


Acana Dog Food  god spyReviews

Other Features of Acana


Some other positive features of Acana are the following:


  • Its ingredients are considered fit for human consumption.
  • Being made of ingredients that are part of the natural diet of dogs, it acts as tonics and helps strengthen the dog’s organs and tissues.
  • The manufacturing of Acana is not outsourced but is done exclusively in the factory of Champion Petfoods.
  • Majority of its nutrition comes from natural, unprocessed ingredients, and does not contain synthetic vitamins and minerals.



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Acana Wild Prairie Dog Food

July 19, 2013

Acana Wild Prairie Dog Food ingredientsAcana, owned by Champion Petfoods, offers a wide range of products that are specially tailored to your dog’s needs, no matter what breed the dog is or the developmental stage it is at. A particularly exciting range of products that Acana offer are their wide range of regionally inspired foods, inspired by the diverse and bountiful wildlife found in the company’s home country of Canada. What better way to give your dog the food that nature intended than to feed it foods based on the biodiversity of such a beautiful country.

Here I will be focusing on Acana Wild Prairie dog food. Reflecting the companies prairie heritage, packed with protein and low on unnecessary carbohydrates, it truly is a great choice for any canine companion. The nutritional information for Acana Wild Prairie can be found here.


The health benefits of Acana Wild Prairie

 [easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B007PC10S2″ cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31WWKQQHbgL._SL160_.jpg” popups=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”160″]

 The increased protein in Acana’s Wild Prairie dog food, when compared to other dog foods, provides a multitude of health benefits for all dogs. Nature intended dogs to eat meat. It is the way they were designed. And yet, too many dogs are not receiving an adequate amount of protein in their diet and are missing out on many health benefits. These benefits include increased, leaner muscle mass, more energy, a healthier coat, to name but a few.

There are some worries among the dog owning community that a large amount of protein in a dog’s diet may cause kidney trouble, however recent studies have suggested that dogs can handle a lot more protein than we give them credit for. As I said before, it is the way they have developed as a species, and if left in the wild, their diet would mainly consist of meat. Who are we to deny them what nature intended?

Another benefit of Acana Wild Prairie is the reduced carbohydrate level and the lack of glycemic grains such as rice and corn, which are often used as filler in other dog food brands. The focus in this product is shifted from a carbohydrate focus (as carbohydrate heavy foods are cheaper for companies to produce) to a more natural protein focus, which is far more in keeping with the natural diet of canines. These excess carbohydrates can cause a glycemic build up when not combined with an adequate amount of exercise, leading to one of the most common problems for household pets: obesity. Obesity that could lead to heart disease, diabetes or breathing problems in dogs.

Acana Wild Prairie Dog Food nutrients

Fresh, local ingredients

As if all the health benefits from Acana Wild Prairie weren’t enough, all ingredients in it are sourced locally, reducing travel and making it safer for the environment to produce. As well as the positive environmental factors, local produce means that all ingredients are fresh, free from preservatives, with no need to freeze. The chicken and eggs provided in this food is also from cage free chickens, ensuring that the chickens have a better quality of life, making Acana Wild Prairie an environmentally conscious company. All of this together makes Acana Wild Prairie better for the world and better for our furry friends.

[easyazon_cta add_to_cart=”default” align=”center” asin=”B002BR9GUU” cloaking=”default” height=”28″ key=”small-light” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”120″]Acana Wild Prairie[/easyazon_cta]

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Acana Pacifica Dog Food

June 30, 2013

This product is for an adult and all other dog stages; it is dry dog food, grain-free and low glycemic. It is a good-quality product with no low-quality ingredients, being entirely grain-free– grains are not part of the natural diet of dogs. High glycemic grains break down quickly and causes a rapid rise in your dog’s blood sugar levels. The high glycemic types of grains are known to cause obesity and diabetes in dogs.

Acana pacifica dog food test

Bonzo (4 months old Puppy) goes to the pet store and picked his favorite dog food.
Acana Pacifica is the winner

The principle that Acana adopts in the formulation of its Acana Pacifica Dog Food is to replicate the kind of food that is good for your dog. It makes dog food that keeps your dog healthy, happy, and strong. Acana is able to guarantee this because Acana Pacifica Dry Dog Food is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and is prepared from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients.

Replicating the natural diet of your dog, Acana loads its Acana Pacifica Dog Food with Pacific salmon, wild-caught herring and flounder, and fruits and vegetables sourced from Okanagan Valley. All these ingredients are delivered to Acana’s kitchens fresh each day, to give unequalled nourishment and flavor that is suitable to your dog’s natural diet.

Acana Pacifica Dog Food is a world-class product that your dog will certainly love and it is guaranteed to make it healthy and strong. Food reviews have given the Acana Pacifica Dog Food a 5-star rating. They also recommend it for dogs that might have health issues, especially because all Acana products are free of artificial colors, preservatives, and chemicals.

We done done test on what’s the best dog food available in the market. There’s none better than dogs to choose.

We have a test done in store as you can see in the first image and out with Nala.

Check it out

 Laid out is the best dog Food variety from multiple brandsAcana Pacifica - Dog Food Test 3

From left: Orijen Regional Red, Acana Pacifica, Instinct Chicken Meal, Orijen Adult, Fromm Surf & Turf, Acana Prairie Harvest, Orijen 6 Fish

Acana Pacifica - Dog Food Test 1

He definitely liked the Acana Pacifica best, but the Acana Prairie Harvest was a close second.

Acana pacifica dog food tested

Nala checked out all the foods one by one, then settled on the Acana Pacifica.

Acana Pacifica - Dog Food Test


Customers rave about Acana Pacifica Dog Food, even though to them the portion in the dog’s bowl does not look like much. But soon they learn that because of its high-protein content and other nutritious ingredients, what appears little actually goes a long way. Customers see that when they start their dog in Acana Pacifica Dog Food diet, they will see its benefits for their dog in a matter of days.

We won’t claim that Acana Pacifica is the worlds best dog food, But You owe it to yourself and your dog to try

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Acana Grasslands Dog Food

June 16, 2013

Dog Food Ingredients


Acana Grasslands dog bagAcana Grasslands Dog Food is a world-class product that your dog will surely love and it is guaranteed to make him/her strong, happy, and healthy. The product reflects the fertile grasslands of Alberta, Canada, and is prepared in Acana’s award-winning kitchens.


Just like its other Acana dog food products, Acana bases its formulation of the ingredients in their product on the food that Nature intended for dogs. Being carnivores, dogs thrive on meat as a source of protein, as well as other substances.


That’s why Acana Grasslands Dog Food is loaded with local lamb, cage-free duck, whole grade A eggs from local prairie farms, wild-caught fish, and fruits and vegetables from Okanagan Valley. These ingredients are all delivered to Acana’s kitchens in Canada fresh each day. The product is grain-free to limit unwanted carbohydrates that could cause your dog to be obese and diabetic.


The proportion of the ingredients of its dog food is formulated by Acana such that it provides your dog the following guaranteed and proven benefits:


  • Optimum health and immunity
  • Luxuriant skin and hair coat
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Nourishment and toning of its digestive tract

Feedback from Customers


[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B00CM8PHZQ” cloaking=”default” height=”160″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51%2BF2Xu%2BNHL._SL160_.jpg” popups=”default” tag=”iwantdvd-20″ width=”160″]Acana Grasslands Dog Food[/easyazon_image]Acana Grasslands Dog Food, unlike most commercial dry dog food in the market, doesn’t contain rice. Customers say it passed their tests with flying colors, noting that the dog food is non allergenic as well. Although the price might be higher than that of competitive products, this dog food product compensates the difference in price by the lower quantity that is needed to feed their dog, using the Acana Grasslands Dog Food.


Some customers find that the dog food has the right balance and is tasty: the dog keeps still after finishing the portion on the bowl, waiting for an additional serving. Other customers are also happy that it has “real” ingredients with no fillers. Still others also say that the product is “simply the best” and because of that they have given the product a five-star rating, and highly recommend it.

 Acana Grasslands dog food

Dogs not only love the dog food, but after making it their diet they also look fantastic and healthy, according to some customers. After about 6 weeks on Acana Grasslands Dog Food, owners notice their dog growing hair where before there was none in its neck and part of its chest.


The claims of Acana come true in dogs who consume Acana Grasslands Dog Food: they love it and thrive on it, they show healthy skin, coats, and tummies, clean eyes and ears, perfect weight, and balanced energy levels. The food is worth the price, and customers cannot thank this product enough for its proven and effective high quality.

 Acana Grasslands Dog Food


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Acana Dog Food Recall

June 8, 2013

Obviously, as a dog owner, you are rightfully concerned about your pets well being; you want your pet to be happy and healthy as long as possible, leading to many joyful years together with your canine companion. Acana’s products are very enticing due to its superior nutritional value. But is there something that people are overlooking when purchasing this product? Or are some pet owners simply accepting any information that is presented to them, regardless of the source or evidence supporting it?



Acana Dog Food Recall Updated

Champion Petfoods Recalls


For some reason, on a number of message boards on the internet discussing Champion Petfoods products, made through Acana and Orijen, have a reputation of never having issued a recall on any of their products. These opinions are floating around various message boards and a quick search will reveal some wildly inaccurate information. A similar search to the FDA website reveals that between 11th May 2011 and 25th May 2011, several batches of Acana Grasslands dog food tested positive for salmonella, leading to a recall of the product.


The FDA website contains 38 separate reports, between the aforementioned dates, of batches testing positive for salmonella, which is a worrying statistic when considering the wellbeing of our pets. Petmd.com states that salmonella can cause many worrying conditions in dogs, including gastroenteritis, spontaneous abortions, and septicaemia. It is a huge worry to all dog owners who trust this brand and the products that they produce.


Why the untarnished reputation


As mentioned before, you can search on internet and come across a vast number of blog posts and forum posts stating that Champion Petfoods had never been part of a recall. There was no evidence to back up these claims, however the people using these products believed this wholeheartedly.


It can be hard for people who support a brand and trust in its products, trusting that the company responsible take their pet’s health and safety seriously, to see that what they are producing may be harmful to their pet. But dog owners everywhere really must look at the facts when making judgements about what is best for our pets, as the owners are the only ones who can.


It is true that this took place two years ago and no evidence of any other recalls or hazardous products have come to light since, and maybe Champion Petfoods have really changed for the better and do have our pet’s best interests at heart. I simply urge all pet owners to look deeper for the facts about a company, rather than blindly trusting and risking the health of our beloved pets.

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