Acana Light and Fit Dog Food

October 14, 2013

The overall health and wellbeing of our dogs is something that all dog owners care about. It is one of our top concerns when selecting the right nutritional product for our dog, so that we can enjoy long and happy lives together with our furry friends. We all know that protein is essential in our dog’s diet; as carnivores, they can hardly be expected to live off of a diet consisting of cheap protein supplements. To ensure the health of our dogs, we need to feed them the diet that Mother Nature intended, meaning high quality ingredients, rich in meat and other natural sources of protein. They weren’t given all of those sharp canine teeth for nothing.

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Your dog’s health and wellbeing


With obesity being common issues amongst domesticated pets, with reported cases growing throughout the US, in 2011, 21.4% of dogs were identified as obese, with one of the major contributing factors to this being a poorly maintained diet. As such, Acana Light and Fit dog food is perfect for any dogs that suffer from weight issues. A quick look at the Acana website shows that the food consists of 60% chicken, eggs and fish. Not only this, but all ingredients are sourced locally, meaning that the ingredients that make up Acana Light and Fit never need to be frozen and are free from preservatives, guaranteeing freshness.

 Acana Light and Fit Dog Food serving guide

High in protein, low in carbohydrates


Keeping the carbohydrate levels down in this food is also a distinct advantage. The overfeeding of carbohydrates is listed as one of the major contributing factors towards canine obesity. Unfortunately many dog owners simply don’t know the correct amount of carbohydrates a dog really needs. The problem is that an overabundance of carbohydrates in a dog’s diet can cause a buildup of glycogen, which when combined with a lack of exercise, can cause the weight to pile on, risking diabetes, damage to the bones and joints, heart disease and breathing difficulties. Fortunately with Acana Light and Fit, this no longer needs to be a concern. Another look at the ingredient list shows that it is free from high glycemic grains such as rice and corn, unlike other dog foods that are on the market.


The only concernAcana Light and Fit Dog Food nutrients


The only disadvantage that can be found is that the chicken weight in the product may be misleading. As raw chicken contains up to 80% water, the weight of this ingredient is reduced during cooking, thus making up less of the overall weight of the product. But if this is the only complaint found about this brand, Acana Fit and Light seems to be doing the job for the majority of pet owners and dog food reviewers.




After searching through numerous reviews on this brand, the reviews have been nothing but positive. It seems that when it comes to the health of our pets, owners are willing to pay that little bit more for the best quality that they can find, and while it may be slightly more expensive, Acana Light and Fit certainly offers one of the best balanced diet’s for your furry friends.

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Acana Dog Food Recall

June 8, 2013

Obviously, as a dog owner, you are rightfully concerned about your pets well being; you want your pet to be happy and healthy as long as possible, leading to many joyful years together with your canine companion. Acana’s products are very enticing due to its superior nutritional value. But is there something that people are overlooking when purchasing this product? Or are some pet owners simply accepting any information that is presented to them, regardless of the source or evidence supporting it?



Acana Dog Food Recall Updated

Champion Petfoods Recalls


For some reason, on a number of message boards on the internet discussing Champion Petfoods products, made through Acana and Orijen, have a reputation of never having issued a recall on any of their products. These opinions are floating around various message boards and a quick search will reveal some wildly inaccurate information. A similar search to the FDA website reveals that between 11th May 2011 and 25th May 2011, several batches of Acana Grasslands dog food tested positive for salmonella, leading to a recall of the product.


The FDA website contains 38 separate reports, between the aforementioned dates, of batches testing positive for salmonella, which is a worrying statistic when considering the wellbeing of our pets. states that salmonella can cause many worrying conditions in dogs, including gastroenteritis, spontaneous abortions, and septicaemia. It is a huge worry to all dog owners who trust this brand and the products that they produce.


Why the untarnished reputation


As mentioned before, you can search on internet and come across a vast number of blog posts and forum posts stating that Champion Petfoods had never been part of a recall. There was no evidence to back up these claims, however the people using these products believed this wholeheartedly.


It can be hard for people who support a brand and trust in its products, trusting that the company responsible take their pet’s health and safety seriously, to see that what they are producing may be harmful to their pet. But dog owners everywhere really must look at the facts when making judgements about what is best for our pets, as the owners are the only ones who can.


It is true that this took place two years ago and no evidence of any other recalls or hazardous products have come to light since, and maybe Champion Petfoods have really changed for the better and do have our pet’s best interests at heart. I simply urge all pet owners to look deeper for the facts about a company, rather than blindly trusting and risking the health of our beloved pets.

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